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Membership FAQs


Do I need to join Scottish Rowing?

If you want a Racing Licence, you must register here and choose the type of Membership that you want to take out. The categories are just the same as the pre-existing Licence categories.

This does not affect your membership of your club, or your club's membership of Scottish Rowing, but it means you can access your own information on-line and, if you want, Scottish Rowing can keep in touch with you about forthcoming events.

I used to row at school/university/somewhere else – do you remember me?

Yes, you should be able to find your details from the previous system by clicking on the button opposite "Find your Racing Licence?" on the initial page.

How much does it cost?

The costs of the different membership types are set each year at a General Meeting of Scottish Rowing.

Currently, these are:

Adaptive (£30.00)
Cadet (£10.00)
Club Admin (£0.00)
Coach (£10.00)
Coastal (£10.00)
Indoor (£6.00)
Junior (£23.00)
Senior (£41.00)
Student (£30.00)
Umpire (£0.00)

I have just joined a rowing club, can I join?

Yes you can. If you are going to race, you must join so that you can obtain a Membership that includes a Racing Licence.

You must be a member of a Scottish Rowing-affiliated club to take out Scottish Rowing membership. Becoming a member does not affect your membership of your club and does not affect your club's membership of Scottish Rowing.

My children have just started rowing, can I join too?

At the moment, the only categories of membership are for active rowers. Unless you need a Racing Licence, you don't need to join.

That doesn't stop you being a member of a club and helping out while the kids get on with rowing!

Can I change my membership type?
What information do you hold about me?

When you register, you will be asked for various pieces of information, including basic contact info, details of an emergency contact and some equality data. In addition, Rowing-ralated information, like the club or clubs you are a member of and your racing status are held. Please look at our Privacy policy and our Terms of Use for more information.

Why do you need to ask the equality questions?

Scottish Rowing is committed to a policy of acting fairly in all aspects of rowing, and to providing a service to reach all communities. In order to assess our position, we need to monitor the numbers of people in our sport from different ethnic origins. It is also a condition of our grants from sportScotland that we report on the ethnic backgrounds of participants and also on the involvement of disabled persons within the sport.

The information you provide will be used for statistical purposes only and in accordance with the Data Protection Policy of Scottish Rowing.

Can anyone see my details?

The details you put into the system will be visible to the Scottish Rowing system administrator, your club administrator and, obviously, yourself.

The exception to the above is any ethnicity/equality/religion/orientation information, which is required only for statistical purposes and is not available to anyone other than you.

My details are wrong/out of date, how do I change them?

You can change almost all of the information you have provided, by logging into the system.

The exception is your rowing status, which can only be updated by Scottish Rowing admin.
Email to ask them to change it.

My membership has expired, how do I renew?

You can renew your membership shortly (currently 21 days) before your current Membership (or Licence) expires. To do so, just sign into the membership system, select Membership/Memberships and click the Renew button on the bottom left.

What's my membership number?

Your membership number is displayed under 'Your Details' after you sign in. It is also on your Membership card (licence card), you can see this by selecting Membership Card/Licence after signing into the Membership system.

Can I be a member of more than one club and how do I change my club?

You can be a member of more than one club and you can change or update these memberships using your online membership account.

After signing in, click Membership/Clubs. You can Add a new Club or Change your default club from this screen. You cannot delete your main club.

Each club must authorize you as a bona fide member of that club.

How do I know when my membership expires?

Check by looking at your Membership Card. The expiry date is on there. Your membership is valid until then. Remember when entering events that your membership has to be valid at the time of the event and not at the time of making the entry.

How do I check my points/status?

As well as being able to view your details on the web site (at the top of the screen after you sign in), you can use the QR link on your membership card to access an up-to-date copy of your licence, showing your current points.

Can I have my points reduced?

If you have a query about your points please email with details. You cannot do this online.

Do I get a membership card or licence?

Scottish Rowing does not provide cards by default. If you need a card, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the membership system;
  • click on the 'Membership card/Licence' link - this will display your card details;
  • click on the 'PDF' button to get a printable image;
  • print the card (on normal paper), then cut it out, close to the border.
  • Fold it in half so the two sides are now front and back.
  • Your club Administrator has self-adhesive wallets to put the printed licence in.
Do I need a photo?

No, you do not require a photo.

How quickly can I get a licence?

Your on-line application will be processed instantly but your licence will not be available until all of these criteria are met:

  • Payment must be made (Card payment only). This should normally only take a few seconds to authorize.
  • Your club will receive an authorization request by email, a response to which must be received.
  • (Juniors only:) Your parent will receive an authorization request by email, a response to which must be received.

Please note that your membership/licence number will not be provided until all of the above are complete.

As soon as all authorization is complete, you will be able to view your licence on your browser. If you want a printed licence, you can print a copy of the licence, cut it out and insert it into the self-adhesive wallet that your club can supply.

Do I need to fill in applications for all my club members?

No. Each person requiring a licence/membership should make their own application on-line.

Can I see a list of my club members?

Yes, you can see a list of all members that have indicated membership of your club.

After signing into the Membership System, click Members/Member Search. The default list that will display shows all Current club members that have been authorized by you.

Can I see members that do not have a current SR membership?


Sign into the Membership System, click Members/Member Search. The default list that will display shows all Current club members that have been authorized by you. To see all members, including pending members and expired members of your club, click the arrows next to the word Search (above the list) you can then refine the list you see. To see all members click on the Status drop down box and change to All.

Can I get contact information for my club members?

Yes, address, email and phone contact information is available. Go to Member/Member Search and then click on the button above the list of your members that says ‘View Personal Details’.

Can I see licence numbers and points for making entries to regattas?

Yes, go to Member/Member Search. The default view will show you the licence number and points for your members. If they are not displayed click on the button above the list of your members that says ‘View Rowing Details’.

Can I use the system to send messages to my club?

This feature will be along soon.